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Tempcon Instrumentation Ltd was established in 1980; we specialise in instrumentation and sensors (probes) for Measuring, Controlling and Logging: temperature, humidity, pressure, voltage, current, energy (kWhs), wind speed/direction, soil temperature and most other parameters required for: process control, environmental research, compliance, or quality control.

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Put simply, we will make your life easier! Our company has thrived because we are very good at working with our customers in developing solutions that deliver what they need.
We don’t just offer a catalogue of technical products; our specialists know how to integrate the technologies and systems that we provide in order to deliver what you need.
Whether you’re looking for a replacement thermocouple temperature sensor, a system that will monitor environmental conditions across multiple geographical sites or a hand-held manometer, the chances are that we have what you are looking for or can supply it.

Monitor, Control and Log virtually ANY measurement!

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