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For monitoring factors such as temperature and air pressure, we’re a trusted choice for clients all around the world

At Tempcon, we have been manufacturing and shipping monitoring equipment, probes, sensors and much more for more than thirty years. We have become a leading name in industry because of our commitment to giving our customers what they need, working closely with them to ensure we can provide the most effective solutions available. With our years of experience and technical expertise, we know how to integrate the technologies perfectly into your business in order to deliver outstanding results.Employee-take-note-in-boiler-room-small

Tempcon is an independent specialist in the manufacture, supply and calibration of highest quality instrumentation and sensors (probes) for measuring, controlling and logging:
• temperature
• pressure
• voltage
• current
• energy consumption (kWhs)
• equipment runtimes
• water & gas flow rates.


Select from leading brands, or manufactured to your requirements

We are a top-tier distributor for leading national and international manufacturers, so are able to select from a wide range of instruments and sensors that we trust. Alternatively, we can manufacture K type thermocouple probes, thermistor, and platinum resistance RTD, PT100, PT1000 temperature sensors and probes ourselves in any quantity to your requirements.

Among our many other specialist areas of knowledge, we produce many instruments for the manufacturing and industrial sectors. Many of our temperature probes and sensors are designed and manufactured specifically for use in petrochemical environments, where accuracy, endurance and precision are of the utmost importance. Our ATEX approved products are built for safe use in dangerous dust and gas areas, making them suitable even for the most hazardous environments.

Hot-shop-smallFrom monitoring factors such as temperature and air pressure, to control equipment which keeps the conditions steady and consistent, we’re a trusted choice for clients all around the world. When it comes to manufacturing and industry, you need to be absolutely certain your company is investing in quality equipment that will keep workers safe, ensure optimum production levels, and perform well even in challenging conditions. This is what we can offer you at Tempcon.

We offer a huge variety of technology designed to create the ideal working conditions for many different industries, reduce commissioning time, and simplify operations, leading to safer and more productive businesses.

Our products include programmable logic controllers (PLCs) and display panels for process equipment, such as injection moulding equipment; datalogging and control equipment for furnaces and curing oven profiling; and Process Controllers used to control temperature in many different environments.

If you need equipment for tracking energy consumption, we have a number of innovative solutions that give you the ability to track energy consumption and runtimes of equipment, as well as water and gas flow rates.

Huge-factory-smallCalibration Services

We also provide quick turn-around repair and temperature probe calibration services using equipment calibrated and traceable to UKAS.

We can also implement a calibration programme in which we will check your equipment regularly and perform any necessary fine tuning to ensure the highest levels of accuracy are being maintained. This will enable you to avoid potential health hazards and enable your company to continue producing quality work with no decline in standards due to inaccurate equipment. Alternatively, we can provide you with tailored calibration equipment so you can carry out in-house checks.

This is just a small sample of what we are able to do. Contact one of our specialists to discuss custom builds or our ready made industry solutions.

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