Thermometer and Probe Calibration Services

Trusted since 1980, Tempcon specialise in calibration of temperature & humidity measurement equipment including: probe, thermocouple, data logger infrared thermometer & digital food thermometer calibration services. 

Tempcon provide competitively priced, comprehensive in-house thermometer and probe calibration services that meet national and international requirements and specifications, using UKAS traceable calibration equipment. UKAS certified calibration is also available.

On-site Humidity & Temperature Calibration Laboratory

Because instrument calibration is carried out in-house, we provide quick turnaround and offer a 48-hour express service if required. Guaranteed turnaround times to allow you to plan your equipment maintenance effectively.

We provide a printed calibration certificate, normally unique to the instrument under test.

We will also advise you on an annual basis when calibrations are about to expire.


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Let Our Calibration Laboratory Take the Pain Out of Your Calibration!

UKAS Thermometer or Probe Calibration Certificate


Prior to submitting your equipment to our dedicated lab for calibration, we offer a free of charge pre-calibration check to ensure that you are not wasting money on known faulty equipment.

Contact thermometers and temperature probes such as thermocouples, PRTs and dial thermometers; and non-contact infrared thermometers and thermal imaging cameras are covered. We can even calibrate temperature sources such a dry block calibrators or calibration baths.

You can be assured of quality from us: our Quality System is accredited to BS EN 9001:2015 by National Quality Audits, and our in-house calibration equipment is traceable to UKAS.


Our Calibration Laboratory provides calibration of the following temperature and humidity parameters:

  • Temperature -30ºC to +350ºC
  • Humidity (Rh) 5% to 95%

Standard calibration certificates include:

  • 1 Point Temperature Calibration Certificate (0°C)
  • 2 Point Temperature Calibration Certificate (0°C / 65°C)
  • 2 Point Temperature Calibration Certificate (customer specified temperature points)
  • Temperature & Humidity Calibration Certificate (20°C and 50RH)

If you require calibration outside of these ranges, please let us know; we are always happy to discuss requirements and offer solutions.

Calibration and Maintenance Programmes

To ensure temperature measurement equipment conforms with required legislation and accuracy standards and if it is necessary for your instruments to always have a valid annual calibration certificate, Tempcon operate calibration and maintenance programmes.

Tempcon are experienced at managing instrument calibration programmes on a national scale and currently ensure the calibration and service of over 2,500 handheld thermometers and probes for a significant UK retailer.


Instrument calibration and maintenance programme


To ensure there is no down-time in your processes while equipment is being calibrated; calibration programmes can include a stock of calibrated instruments being held by Tempcon and supplied on a monthly schedule. You would then use these to replace uncalibrated instruments and return them to Tempcon for annual calibration. By maintaining a small buffer stock of data loggers, it is possible to ensure all the equipment remains calibrated and any damaged loggers can be replaced at short order.

The service and calibration programme for each device can include:

  • Clean
  • Repair (if required)
  • Battery replacement
  • Calibration to UKAS traceable standard
  • Production of calibration certificate (and archive)
  • Delivery back to your premises.

Frequently Asked Questions and Information About Calibration of Measurement Equipment

Do You Offer a Collection and Delivery Service?

We can arrange a full collection and delivery service for all business addresses in UK mainland and Northern Ireland for £35.00 plus VAT (packages weighing up to 20Kg).

For addresses outside of these locations please contact us for pricing.

You will have to ensure that your equipment is suitably protected and packaged prior to any collection.

If you would prefer to send your equipment to us directly and just pay for return carriage, our standard delivery for items weighing up to 20Kg is £14.50 plus VAT.

How Long Will it Take for You to Calibrate My Equipment?

We typically turn around any calibration in 3 to 5 days from receipt of equipment. If an express service (48 hours) is required then we are more than happy to discuss your needs.

Can You Remind Me When Re-Calibration is Due on My Equipment?

We send out reminders by email 30 days before equipment is due for re-calibration.

What if an Instrument Fails Calibration?

We will let you know if your equipment fails calibration and where possible we will quote a price for servicing or repair. We will also provide a quote for replacing the equipment. Alternatively, we can return the equipment to you.

Why Calibrate Instruments?

Apart from the need to meet legal requirements, calibration is critical to ensure equipment is both safe and accurate. Electronic components drift as they are stressed with age. Without regular periodic calibration, the measurements made by these components can be compromised.

Safety: In case of instruments involving perishable products such as food or, uncalibrated instruments may lead to food poisoning.

Wastage: If the instrument is not calibrated, it might lead to potential wastage of resources, resulting in an overall increase in cost. For example, if a process oven is heated to a greater temperature than was intended.

Faulty or Questionable Quality: If the instrument is improperly calibrated, the chances of faulty or questionable quality of finished goods arises. Calibration helps maintain the quality in production at different stages.

Calibration Equipment for Sale

In addition to providing in-house calibration services, we sell a comprehensive range of calibration equipment; be sure to speak with us about the parameters you need to calibrate, or review our most popular choices of calibration equipment. (Please note our website does not include all the products available to you, so if you don’t see what you’re looking for – please ask).

Bespoke Temperature Probe Manufacturing Service

We don’t just calibrate; Tempcon Instrumentation have been manufacturing temperature sensors and probes for over 30 years. We’re a trusted supplier across many different sectors >> Read more