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Our technologies are proven worldwide, even in some of the most challenging environments

Environmental monitoring can encompass many different things, including ecologicEnvironmental Monitoring Onset Hoboal studies, soil analyses, climate surveys, and other environmental investigations. That’s why we supply the most versatile and accurate equipment available. We provide sensors and other monitoring equipment for recording factors including water & soil temperature, water level, flow, conductivity, dissolved oxygen and salinity, humidity, rainfall, air temperature, wind speed, frost, and much more.

Among many other products, we can supply wireless sensors and data loggers which allow you to monitor and manage water level and soil temperature, plus other factors without having to be at the scene. This proven technology will transmit the information straight to your mobile or computer. They are easy to deploy and are extremely compact, making it simple and affordable for you to set up an entire remote network and monitor different areas simultaneously.

EnviroMonitors is the professional-grade environmental instruments division of Tempcon Instrumentation Ltd. Our markets include research, commerce, agriculture & horticulture, sport and leisure and the public sector. Our clients include over 120 UK universities, British Antarctica Study teams, Formula One teams and Premier League football clubs.

We are the authorised and sole UK and Eire distributor for Onset HOBO & Spectrum Technologies, in addition to being a Premium Dealer for Davis and RainWise.

If you’re in search of research-grade equipment that will enable you, your employees or students to accurately and efficiently monitor water, soil or weather variables, then we can help you.




Data Loggers for Environmental Monitoring

Jungle in Sri LankaThe data loggers we supply incorporate built-in micro-processors, sensors, and battery power in a rugged enclosure designed for long-term deployment. They can be deployed and left unattended for months at a time, collecting data at user-defined intervals and storing it digitally into logger memory.

By operating in a continuous 24/7 monitoring mode, data loggers eliminate many of the hassles of manual data collection, and facilitate monitoring of multiple locations at the same time.

Data loggers also automate the process of archiving and reporting data. Users can simply offload the logger data to a mobile device or computer and easily create detailed graphs or data files, while the electronic data can be shared with other programs or archived. Professional quality water level loggers start from £342.60 ex VAT. Water/air temperature loggers start from £35.54 ex VAT.

“Communications protocols, setup and maintenance of hydrological telemetry systems are normally complex, time consuming and expensive. HOBO RX3000-based telemetry systems for hydrology, by contrast, are very easy to set-up and maintain, while being very cost-effective. The UK distributor Tempcon Instrumentation Ltd provide a very efficient and friendly delivery of ‘turn-key’ systems based on the RX3000 as well as the critical technical support for bespoke applications.” Dr Nick A Chappell – Lancaster University

Below are some of the environmental elements that we supply monitoring solutions for:

Weather Monitoring
Whether you need a single system, or a network of weather stations for real-time remote monitoring of a university research project, vineyard, farm, golf course or have any other requirement for high accuracy, robust build quality, scalability or advanced features; we’ve probably already helped others with similar needs to yours. Find out more about our wide range of research-grade weather stations.

Water Level Monitoring
Water resource managers, engineers, and hydrologists need to monitor groundwater and surface water levels with water level data loggers to document baseline and changing water levels over time. Water level data helps researchers determine a variety of factors, such as how much water wetlands retain, rising water rates, and whether runoff volume reduction efforts are effective.

With the Onset HOBO Bluetooth (BLE) MX2001 Water Level Logger, users can simply offload the logger data to a mobile device or computer and can easily create detailed graphs or data files.

Water Temperature Monitoring
Water temperature data is often used to help researchers determine if wetlands are adequately levelling water temperatures before entering waterways.

Water Conductivity Monitoring
Logging conductivity can help identify the causes of water quality changes. Although conductivity does not tell you directly what contaminants are present, it is possible to look at the timing of conductivity changes verses other events to determine what caused the contamination. For example, if the conductivity changed after a rainfall event, it may be runoff from a nearby road that is causing problems.

Dissolved Oxygen Monitoring
Dissolved oxygen (DO) is an important indicator of water quality in a wetland, with higher DO levels indicative of an environment that can support a variety of plant and animal life, and lower levels pointing to a stressed habitat.

Rainfall MonitoringMountains in Nepal
Researches often need rainfall data for comparisons to the water retained and water that runs off. Due to the spatial variability of rain, it is recommended to measure rainfall at multiple sites to come up with an average rainfall for the area.

Soil Temperature Monitoring
Soil functions as a storage mechanism of heat, collecting energy throughout the day and releasing heat to the surface during the night. Over the course of a year, soil retains energy during warmer seasons and releases heat to the air throughout colder seasons.

Soil temperature is important for plant growth for many reasons:

  • Soil temperature directly affects plant growth.
  • Nearly every crop slows down its growth when soil temperatures get too low.
  • Germination of various seeds requires different soil temperature ranges.

Air Temperature/Humidity Monitoring
Air temperature and relative humidity data is typically used to understand a wetland’s impact on the region’s temperature and humidity.

Connecting to the Logger

Collected data can be retrieved either by downloading it to a laptop/mobile phone or a hand-held data shuttle in the field, by remote communications, or by Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology, depending on the type of data logger. Remote communications also allow for real-time Internet-based access to data; rather than going out into the field, the user simply logs on to a website such as Onset HOBOlink to view and download data.

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