Corn field in Autumn

Monitor the factors impacting your crop yield and health

EnviroMonitors is the professional-grade environmental instruments division of Tempcon Instrumentation Ltd.

Weather stations are an invaluable tool for growers needing to directly monitor micro-climates occurring in their fields or gardens. We offer research-grade weather station equipment for all your requirements. Our experts have a great understanding of the different parameters needed to be measured and are able to provide you with great advice should you need it.

Our weather stations can provide you with real-time data. This enables you to identify patterns and take the appropriate measures when necessary. These systems are highly versatile, and you can choose which parameters you wish to measure. Temperature, rainfall, wind speed and direction, humidity, and barometric pressure, can all be measured with the use of sensors and probes feeding information to a data logger. In addition, information on leaf wetness, solar radiation, and soil temperature among many other measurements can also be recorded by the device. They can be powered through solar cells, batteries, or AC power, whichever is the most convenient for you. The data can either be fed directly to a computer, retrieved with a data transporter, or transmitted wirelessly for viewing anywhere you have web access.

Straberry Plants covered in FrostFrost formation is one of the conditions that we must watch out for and take safety measures against.  Frost alarm systems can prove very useful in these situations by letting you know exactly when the conditions for frost formation are present.


Remote Crop Monitoring Systems

The latest remote monitoring technology will monitor the key climate and soil parameters for your particular crop. Data travels wirelessly to transmitters, and on occasion to repeaters, until it reaches the receiver; giving you the ability to monitor conditions 24/7 in remote or inaccessible areas. Plus, receive automated alerts to your mobile device or computer. Our technical sales team will be happy to configure the perfect combination of sensors, data transmission & logging devices for your needs. Find out about the SpecConnect Wireless Crop Monitoring System.

Technician checking tomato plants in greenhouseLeaf sensors and soil moisture measuring probes that are part of a remote monitoring system allow you to make important decisions. This can help you use water resources efficiently while saving energy and water pumping costs at the same time. Irrigation systems can be connected to process controllers, which can use direct feedback or be set on an open loop to carry out activities.

Soil moisture and nutrient status are key pieces of information for every grower or greenkeeper. Armed with this knowledge, you can precisely tailor your irrigation and fertilisation program to suit your crop’s requirements – this leads to less wastage in terms of costs of inputs, and achieving optimum quality and yields. Find out about the WaterScout SMEC 300 Soil Moisture, EC and Temperature Sensor.

Process controllers help you to completely automate a system. In a greenhouse environment where conditions are created to grow plants and crops effectively, a device of this type can regulate activities such as air flow, heat conditions, and interior lights in addition to irrigation systems.

We offer products that are ideal for controlled environment storage, should it be necessary. This is ideal for products awaiting transportation by the cold chain. Currently we provide many companies and individuals with solutions for their storage monitoring needs. We also stock a variety of handheld devices which prove to be practical in many circumstances.

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In addition to instrumentation, we offer configuration and set up, servicing and calibration. Talk to our friendly team about your requirements and they will be happy to provide you with expert advice on the perfect solution for your needs. Call our EnviroMonitors team on +44 (0)1243 558280, or alternatively fill out our contact form and we’ll get back to you shortly.