All Industrial Temperature Probes & Sensors

Being manufacturers of temperature sensors, the sensors shown on our website are a fraction of what is available. We are often asked to build replacement custom temperature sensors and probes for equipment that is difficult to trace or that is compatible with an OEM product. Speak to one of our specialists today for a sensor quote. (We're just as happy manufacturing 1 sensor or 10,000.)

Tempcon temperature probes

All of our temperature sensors and probes conform to IEC codes and our Quality Management System is accredited to BS EN 9001:2015 by National Quality Audits.

Probes and temperature sensors are available in all the normal K,J,T,N,S,R thermocouple materials, RTD, PRT, PT100, PT500 & PT1000 platinum resistance, or thermistor bead. Industrial probes are available with cable, threaded boss, or weatherproof heads. Hand-held probes come with a choice of handle and retractile or normal cable. A range of plugs, sockets, and 2-wire transmitters complement our range of temperature sensors.

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