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Installation is Simple

Plug-and-go installation takes less than 30 seconds: just plug CarChip Connect into the OBD II port.

Within minutes, the small, durable device begins securely transmitting data to the cloud-based website accessible from any computer or smartphone.

Because CarChip Connect doesn’t require a wiring harness or costly, time-consuming installation, the device is easily reassigned as vehicles rotate in and out of a fleet.


Vehicle Location Anytime, Anywhere

See where your vehicles are by choosing the GPS update interval that meets your needs.

GPS breadcrumbs are available at 1 and 5 minute intervals and/or only when an “event” occurs, depending on the service plan chosen.

Events occur when a driving threshold (such as speed, braking, acceleration and deceleration) is exceeded.

Combine the GPS information with geofencing and the street view option in Google Maps, and you’ll know where your vehicles are at all times.

Intelligent Telematics

CarChip Connect houses its own minicomputer. The vehicle’s safety settings, such as acceleration/deceleration forces and hard cornering, along with geofence locations are stored on the device.

Most other devices refer to settings stored on web servers, which significantly limits how often safety parameters or geofence boundaries are checked.

With CarChip Connect, you get real-time information — you don’t have to rely on a GPS update interval. CarChip Connect also acts as a data logger when a vehicle goes out of cellular coverage.

Driving and GPS data are collected and stored until the device re-establishes a cellular connection.

Back-up Battery Provides Unbroken Recording

CarChip Connect is powered through the OBD II port and also has its own back-up battery with a temperature regulator that helps the battery maintain an optimal charge.

When the device is unplugged, CarChip Connect records and sends a final status message so you’ll know immediately if the unit has been tampered with or disconnected.


Powerful Reporting

CarChip Connect’s web-based analytics help make sense of your fleet driving data.

Using the Integrated Scorecard, Safety, Activity and other reports, Fleet Managers can quickly identify areas for improvement and cost savings through safer driving and greater efficiency.

All reports have graphing features and show a vehicle or driver’s score along with a summarized score for the fleet, location, or company.

Carhop Connect Laptop

Carchip Connect Big Picture

The Big Picture

Davis’ Integrated Scorecard compiles all the collected driving data into a single number, allowing you to see the overall performance of your fleet.

The report is color-coded to let you know how drivers or vehicles are performing.

The result? An easy-to-understand profile of your fleet.

Get Graphs with a Click

If you prefer a more visual picture of your fleet’s performance, use the graphing function.

Graphs are available for scored reports and show each driver’s or vehicle’s color-coded score along with the fleet or location average in blue.

You can quickly and easily see how your fleet is doing.

Carchip Graphs with a click

Carchip - Encourage safe driving

Encourage Safe Driving

The Safety Score Report pinpoints driving behavior that needs improvement (speed, hard acceleration and deceleration, and time-of-day driving).

By decreasing the time spent speeding and avoiding rapid starts and hard stops, your drivers can reduce their accident risk while increasing the fleet’s fuel efficiency.

Identify Aggressive Driving

Using data from CarChip Connect’s built-in 3-axis accelerometer, our unique g-Bubble® Report measures the car’s motion in three dimensions, creating a virtual bubble around the vehicle.

A g-Bubble event is defined as an abrupt driving condition, such as slamming on the brakes, that takes a vehicle outside of its safety bubble.

Aggressive driving is calculated based on rapid accelerations, hard braking, unsafe cornering and unusual up-and-down motion from driving too fast over speed bumps or rough terrain.

Use this report along with the safety report to hone in on driver performance.

Carchip connect - Identify Aggressive Driving

Carchip Connect - Monitor Fleet Efficiency

Monitor Fleet Efficiency

The Activity Report provides an at-a-glance summary of how your fleet compares based on your company’s set parameters.

Your drivers will be ranked based on their cumulative scores in days driven; distance driven; top speed; the daily averages for driving, idling and stopping; and g-Bubble events.

When an Incident Happens

CarChip Connect acts like an airplane black box, storing detailed data that preceded the event.

When you receive an incident alarm via email sent to your PC, tablet or smartphone, the Incident Report will show you where and when the event occurred.

Click on the driver or vehicle to see second-by-second data on speed, rpm, throttle and g-force for up to 60 seconds preceding the event to determine if the driver was speeding, slowing or slamming on the brakes.

Carchip connect - When an incident happens

Carchip connect - additional Reporting Capabilities

Additional Reporting Capabilities

The CarChip Connect web application hosts additional customizable reports to help track your vehicles.

  • Readiness Report: Provides a quick view of which vehicles have active diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs), have failed the vehicle’s internal emissions test or had the CarChip Connect device unplugged.
  • Speed Band Report: Shows total miles driven and the percent of time within defined speed bands, including idle, slow, normal, fast and speeding.
  • Geofence Report: Encourages driving in authorized zones by logging the number of times targeted and restricted areas were entered or exited, and the daily average time spent in the defined categories of geofences.
  • Trip Summary Report: Lists each trip taken including start time, end time, trip duration, idle time and distance driven along with the trip end location.
  • Emissions Report: Records the emissions profile and diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs) for the vehicle each time the vehicle is started.


Improve Safety with Real-Time Feedback

Safety: it’s the foundation of a successful fleet. Safety and efficiency increase when drivers receive real-time feedback on their driving behavior. Determine standards for the driving parameters — speed, acceleration, deceleration or location— that matter to you or use our preset standards.

An integral buzzer sounds in the vehicle, giving your drivers immediate feedback when they exceed a safety limit or enter and exit a geofence area. This helps you promote driver safety and reduce accident risk.

Address Critical Issues as They Happen

The cloud-based fleet management system sends real-time alerts so you can provide coaching and guidance, and address critical safety issues as they occur.

Pinpoint & Correct Aggressive Driving

Monitor your vehicles in 3-dimensions with the 3-axis accelerometer in CarChip Connect.

This allows you to monitor motion in all directions — forward, backward, sideways and up and down. This information is combined to create what we call a g-Bubble®. Exclusive to CarChip Connect, a g-Bubble is an invisible safety sphere that surrounds the vehicle.

Hard or extreme driving events, such as hard braking or cornering, rapid acceleration, or rough road driving, that exceed a company’s safety parameters will break the g-Bubble, creating an alert.

Regular g-Bubble events can indicate aggressive driving and alert you to increased accident risk and more frequent repairs.

Location, Location, Location

See the routes your drivers took, the speeds they drove and the location of any accidents or near-accidents when using the the optional GPS feature.


Real-Time Alerts Improve Safety and Productivity

Stay informed of your fleet’s activity with selectable email alerts. Real-time alerts for excessive speed, idle time, rough road driving, geofence exit or entry and engine diagnostics provide the information you need to contact drivers immediately and provide feedback.

Combining awareness with the immediate reporting power of the website, you can establish driver and vehicle performance baselines for increased safety and productivity. You can also create driver awareness by setting the onboard alarm to sound when the driver is exceeding speed, acceleration, deceleration or hard cornering limits.

This provides immediate feedback to drivers, coaching them to improve driving habits. Used in conjunction with reporting, managers can develop driver training programs to modify driving behavior.

Get Alerts Anywhere, Anytime

Choose the alerts you want to see online or on the go.

You can set up the system to show only the alerts that interest you, and send only the most important alerts of your choosing to your email or smartphone.


Customise Your Website

  • Organise or add fleets, vehicles and drivers.
  • Create geofences to define driving boundaries.
  • Set parameters for speed, hard or extreme acceleration, hard or extreme deceleration, hard braking, hard cornering and time of day driving.
  • Add photographs of vehicles and drivers.
  • Adjust report settings to focus on the areas most important to you.

Your Fleet at a Glance

Your company-specific homepage provides easy access to your fleet data.

Monitor your vehicles using the map or drill down for more detailed trip information without leaving the homepage.

The application is customizable, allowing you to focus on what’s important to the company — all in real-time.

Reduce Fuel Usage

  • Less idling
  • Less aggressive driving
  • Fewer side trips

Improve Productivity

  • Know when employees arrive and leave a work site or customer
  • Fewer side trips and long breaks/lunches
  • Reduce unauthorized vehicle use

Carchip connect on mobile device

Lower Fleet Operating Costs

  • Fewer accidents
  • Lower insurance premiums
  • Reduce fuel consumption
  • Less wear and tear on vehicles

Compare and Buy

CarChip Hardware Comparison

FeaturesCarChip Connect (DI-8351OV)CarChip Connect Basic (DI-8352OV)
Price£150 plus VAT£130 plus VAT
Reports GPS datayesfalse
Installs usingOBD II connectorOBD II connector
Installation Time30 seconds30 seconds
For Model Years1996 and newer1996 and newer
For cars, vans, and pickup trucksyesyes
For tractors, big rigs or other large trucks, and busesfalsefalse
Backup BatteryLitium IonLithium Ion
Real-time Alerts via web and emailyesyes
Hard/Extreme Accelerations and Decelerationsyesyes
Hard/Extreme Corneringyesyes
Onboard three-axis accelerometeryesyes
Onboard alarms for acceleration/decelerationyesyes
Automatic accident detection with speed dataEvery second for 60 seconds before accidentEvery second for 60 seconds before accident
Geofence settingsyesyes
Trip details (start/end times, distance, speed, etc.)yesyes
Engine Diagnostic Trouble Codesyesyes
Ability to reset “Check Engine” lightyesyes
Encrypted data transferyesyes
Tamper notificationImmediateImmediate

Service Plans

A service plan is required for each CarChip Connect. You must sign a one-time Service Plan Agreement before purchasing any plans. CarChip Connect Hardware can be purchased for inventory but will require a service plan.

Service plans listed below include cellular connection, data storage, a CarChip Connect account with unlimited users, real-time alerts, vehicle emissions reports and engine diagnostics, trip events (trip start and end times, max speed, time over speed limit, excessive idling, and hard and extreme braking, acceleration and cornering), and email/text alerts.

Platinum (DI-8388) – £10.00 (Per Month)

Includes all features listed above plus GPS location updates every 1 minute and geofencing

Gold (DI-8386) – £9.00 (Per Month)

Includes all features listed above plus GPS location updates every 5 minutes and geofencing

Silver (DI-8384) – £8.00 (Per Month)

Includes all features listed above plus geofencing

Bronze (DI-8382) – £7.00 (Per Month)

Includes all the features listed above • No GPS data


Service plans can be upgraded or downgraded. Each time a service plan is changed or restarted, a £20 reactivation fee per device will be charged.

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