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Dickson RS081 Replaceable Differential Pressure Sensor (0.5")

Brand: Dickson
Product Code: RS081
Dickson RS081 Replaceable Differential Pressure Sensor (0.5")
Ex VAT £124.50 Inc VAT £149.40

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SKU: RS081

Product Description

Available units of measure: mm Hg, Pascales, PSI, inH20.

Replaceable Sensors make calibration a smooth and simple process: when your data logger is due for calibration, simply order the appropriate Replaceable Sensor with the type of calibration you need. When you receive the new sensor, detach the old one, replace it with the new one, and then . . . you're done!

The RS081 is intended for use with the following DicksonOne data loggers: TSB, TWE, TWP, DWE.

If installing a new Dickson Differential Pressure monitoring unit, you may need a may need a Differential Pressure Accessory Kit to ensure proper installation.

Ex VAT £124.50 Inc VAT £149.40
Additional Information

Additional Information

Measurements Differential Pressure
Differential Pressure Accuracy  +/-3.0% from -0.5 to 0.5inH20
Resolution  0.000


Note: Current TWE / TWP / TSB will need V2.1.28; DWE needs V1.5.5

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