We’re frequently asked how you should check the accuracy of an infrared thermometer. As with any type of calibration, you need a reference point by which you can compare the thermometer. In this article we will explain how you can calibrate an infrared thermometer.

Tempcon’s thermometer and probe calibration services.

calibrate an infrared

We recommend 2 ways of achieving this:

  • Crushed ice solution
  • Comparator

Using a crushed ice solution is reasonably straightforward. Essentially you need to make a crushed ice and water mix that has a slurry consistency (This is to ensure that you are measuring a uniform temperature). Then by pointing the infrared thermometer (Ensuring the area being measured by the thermometer is only covering the ice slurry mix) you can determine whether the the thermometer gives a true reading of 0°C.

This is a good method of checking accuracy but, of course the downside of this method is that, you are only making your comparison at 1 point and you are reliant on the mix being at 0°C.

A comparator check is, in many ways, even easier and delivers more accurate results. This method requires you to compare the temperature as indicated by the infrared thermometer with the temperature indicated by a thermometer that has already been calibrated (Preferably by equipment that has been previously calibrated using equipment traceable to UKAS). The benefit of this method is that you can compare against a range of temperatures (Should you wish) and you have greater confidence in the temperatures that are being indicated.

As a practical example. You could use equipment like the X107:

  1. Place the comparator pot in the area you wish to check the temperature of and leave for 15/30 minutes until the temperature is stable.
  2. Connect the thermometer to the pot and turn on
  3. Aim the infrared thermometer vertically in to the comparator pot as close as possible, and compare the readings.
  4. You may wish to record the results as part of your own QMS
  5. Once you have checked the readings, remove and turn off the electronic thermometer. Pack back in green case.
  6. Return the X107 kit annually to Tempcon for Calibration.

Click here for more information about the infrared thermometer calibration kit.

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Tempcon’s thermometer and probe calibration services.