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Notion Lite - Wireless Fridge/Freezer Temperature Monitoring Kit

Brand: Hanwell
Product Code: IN-LK203F1
Notion Lite - Wireless Fridge/Freezer Temperature Monitoring Kit

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Product Description

The IceSpy Notion Lite system is an ideal 24/7 wireless system to monitor temperature of food and medical supplies for food and healthcare retailers such as Butchers, Vets, GP’s, high street pharmacies, restaurants etc.

This easy-to-use system gives you immediate access to real-time data and alarms sent via email or SMS, plus audit-ready reports available at the click of a button.

The accompanying temperature sensors measure -30°C to +50°C (-40°C to +100°C with external probe) and have been specifically designed for use across all retail fridges, freezers and chillers.

Additional sensor options combine temperature with door monitoring and event alarms. Damping blocks are also available to control the sensor response rate as required for example in food core temperature monitoring.

Notion Lite Kit IN-LK203F1 Contains

1 x Cloud Receiver
3 x temperature transmitters
1 x Power supply for Cloud Receiver
1 x Backup battery
1 x Ethernet cable
1 x 12 Month subscription voucher
3 x AA 1.5V lithium batteries.


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Additional Information

Additional Information



Weight 1450g (Entire Kit)
Operating Temperature -30°C to +50°C
Accuracy ±0.5°C
Resolution 0.1°C

Radio Transmitter Functions

Frequency 433-434MHz band
Radio Power Max 10mW, duty cycle >0.1%
Radio Range 300mtrs over open ground
Battery Life 2 years plus
Battery 1.5V AA Lithium, 1.5V AA Alkaline (Not recommended for use below -10°C)

Operating/Viewing Prerequisites

• Internet access
• A router with a spare connection
• A desktop or laptop computer running Windows, Mac OS or Linux.
An iPad or other tablet device can also be used to view data.

Notion Lite Cloud Receiver and Proxy Servers
The Notion Lite cloud receiver is NOT intended for use in corporate networks using a Proxy Server.
The Cloud Receiver will generally work through a properly configured Transparent Proxy Server that does not require authentication; it will NOT work with any other type of Proxy server.
If you are unsure what type of Proxy Server your corporate network uses, please ask your System Administrator or IT Service Provider.

Country of Manufacture United Kingdom
Typical Applications Datalogging, Food Safety, Pharmaceutical, Temperature
Data Available By Email, GSM, Wireless
Measurements Temperature