InTemp CX400 vaccine temperature data logger in front of laboratory samples

Medical fridge thermometer InTemp CX400

InTemp™ CX400 Vaccine Temperature Data Loggers


The new InTemp CX400 medical refrigerator thermometer data loggers monitor vaccine temperatures in fridges, freezers and other temperature-sensitive environments with unparalleled ease.

InTemp loggers feature an internal sensor for monitoring ambient temperature, making them ideal medical/pharmacy fridge thermometers. The logger communicates wirelessly via Bluetooth Low Energy to mobile devices.

Each logger features a built-in LCD display to view ambient temperature together with advanced audible and visual alarm capabilities for notification of temperature excursions.

Data You Can Trust

  • InTemp data loggers deliver an accuracy of +/- 0.5C and are supplied with a NIST certificate of calibration
  • ISO 17025 compliant certificates are also available where necessary.

The InTemp CX400 medical fridge thermometers feature a large LCD to make it easy to keep tabs on current and daily min/max vaccine temperatures.

The easy to read display shows this information at the same time, so there’s no need to toggle through screens.

Handy Checkboxes are displayed to give visual confirmation that checks have been performed whilst an Alarm icon alerts you to potential problems.

Low power consumption means these vaccine temperature data loggers can be deployed for a year before you’ll need to replace the 2 AA batteries (So no need to worry about power outages either).

The ambient temperature is also logged and displayed (So no need for a second room thermometer).

Pharmacy fridge thermometer - InTemp CX400

Simple to Deploy and Easy to Integrate with Existing Processes

Vaccine temperature data logger - InTemp CX400

CX400 Loggers combine the right features to optimise your processes, improve efficiency and demonstrate compliance

CX400 with feature callouts

Choosing a Vaccine Storage Temperature Data Logger: 5 Things to Look For

Vaccine fridge being monitored wirelesslyMaintaining adequate and stable temperatures within vaccine refrigerators, freezers, and controlled storage units is a critical driving necessity – and one that underscores the need for reliable monitoring to ensure that temperature-sensitive pharmaceuticals are kept within specified temperature ranges. This white paper describes five important features to consider when evaluating data loggers for your temperature-controlled storage application.

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