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Trolex AIR XD Real-Time Dust Monitor

Product Code: TX8001
Trolex AIR XD Real-Time Dust Monitor

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SKU: TX8001

Product Description

Highly accurate particulate monitoring for harsh environments

The Air XD Real-Time Dust Monitor is a new generation of sensor combining lab-grade dust and particulate monitoring precision with the ability to function continuously in the harshest environments. Deployed as a stand-alone dust monitor or as part of a wider on-demand dust control and suppression system, Air XD provides reliable, convenient, and easy-to-manage protection for your personnel and assets.

Air XD Key Features

  • Instantaneous respirable dust level display

  • Accurate to within +/-5% compared to +/-25% of current industry standard models

  • High reliability and ultra-low maintenance, allowing the unit to work continuously in the most challenging environments.


Tunnelling, Quarries and hard rock mines, Steel works, Foundries and blast furnaces, Cement and glass, Construction, Cutting or manufacturing of heat-resistant bricks, Grinding and polishing operations, Fracking

Need to monitor dust AND wind/weather?

Contact to us to discuss your requirements and we will be happy to configure a complete solution to for you. This could include wind speed and direction, temperature, or virtually any other parameter you need to measure.

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Additional Information

Additional Information


This dust monitoring unit is simple, durable and lightweight and contains no pumps or filters meaning ultra-high reliability and low maintenance.


Air XD collects and communicates data on dust and all other particulates from 0.38um to 17.5um and allows simultaneous display of two PM sizes, selectable from PM1.0, PM2.5, PM4.25 (respirable) and PM10. Real-time accurate respirable dust levels are monitored and displayed on the unit screen and alarm set points allow instant response to dangerous dust levels.


Measurement range 0.0001 mg/m3 up to 1500 mg/m3

PM size range 0.38 μm – 17.5 μm (including PM1.0, PM2.5, PM4.25, PM10)

PM density range 0.8 g/ml to 8 g/ml (default: 1.65 g/ml)

Averaging period 10 sec – 18 hrs

Maximum particle count 10,000 per second

Accuracy +/- 5%

Flow rate Dynamic (1.2 l/m nominal)

Humidity 95% (non-condensing)

Operating temperature -20 to 40 °C

Relay outputs Two configurable (alarm outputs)

4-20 mA outputs Two configurable (real-time readings)

Display Two numeric (four digit) and one live meter

Communications RS485 data output with MODBUS protocol

Power 100 V to 240 V ac 50/60 Hz

Weight 6 kg

Data storage 8GB SD card (>10 years)

Typical Applications Environmental (Outdoor), Hazardous, Industrial, Manufacturing
Data Available By Display, Memory Card, Modbus, RS485