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Special PRT Sensor – Type Pt100 / Pipe Clamp with PFA Lead

Product Code: PRTPCPFA
Special PRT Sensor – Type Pt100 / Pipe Clamp with PFA Lead
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Product Description

Note: 4 Wire Configuration Shown for illustration only

Pipe Clamp Platinum Resistance Thermometer Sensor available in Type Pt100. 

•         D1: Clamp Diameter  

•         D2: Protection Sheath Diameter (4.76mm)       

•         L1: Extension Cable Length (2m)

•         L2: Protection Sheath Length (50mm)

•         L3: Heat Shrink (20mm)

The Jubilee clip style Platinum Resistance Thermometer Sensor (PRT) has been designed to allow for the temperature of pipes or cylinders to be monitored. They are available in a number of sizes to suit your diameter of pipe or cylinder. The assembly includes a protection sheath that is secured to the clamp which is then utilised for housing the Platinum Resistance Element for both improved speed of response and accuracy. This style of Platinum Resistance Thermometer sensor is supplied using a Grade A tolerance detector for improved accuracy though other grades of detector are available. For enhancing the sensing performance we recommend that you lag the sensor after attaching to the pipe. The lead is secured to the housing by a crimp and an additional heat shrink for strain relief. This Pt100 Sensor is supplied in a 3-wire configuration in a single channel and with 2 metres of PFA lead and terminated to tails.


A wide range of instrumentation or accessories including extension cables and connectors are available for this product.

•          Designed to clamp from 14mm diameter and above

•          Colour Coded Tails and Accuracy of element to BS EN60751 – IEC751

•          Pt100 Detector

•          Grade A

•          3-Wire Configuration

•          Single Channel

•          Suitable for use up to 260°C

•          Bespoke designs available upon request



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Price From: Ex VAT £55.48 Inc VAT £66.58
Additional Information

Additional Information

Maximum Temperature Pt100
Extension Cable Insulation PFA,7/0.2mm
Heat Shrink Material PVC 20mm (+110
Maximum Temperature Probe 260
Metal Sheath Material Stainless Steel
Pipe Clamp Material Stainless Steel
Termination Bare Tails
Data sheets

Data sheets

File NameLink
3.10 PRTPC Data Sheet.pdfDownload
Data Sheet Group 3.pdfDownload