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SEM1750 Dual Channel Signal Conditioner

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Product Code: SEM1750
SEM1750 Dual Channel Signal Conditioner
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Product Description

The SEM1750 is a cost effective dual channel signal conditioner that accepts a bipolar voltage or current signal and isolates to provide ranged industrial process output signals such as (0 to 20) mA, (4 to 20) mA, (0 to 10) V, (1 to 5) V DC. In fact, any signal output can be programmed within the output range limits.

The SEM1750 is configured using our easy to use configuration software, USB Speed Link. It offers the user two levels of configuration, a basic current/voltage signal converter were the device can be set as dual channel signal isolator / convertor or signal splitter. For more advanced applications, a configuration menu offering a wide range of user set functions, including process scaling and profiling, maths functions, signal damping, sensor linearization and signal pre-set for diagnostics purposes.


  • Dual Channel Voltage or current (Active/Passive)Inputs and Outputs

  • 5 Port Isolation To 3.75Kv

  • Can be configured as an active signal splitter

  • User selectable maths functions on each output channel

  • Signal Linearisation

  • Signal Preset Function For diagnostics


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Availability: In stock

Additional Information

Additional Information

Input -50 - 50mA, -50 - 50V
Mounting Type In Head
Typical Applications Industrial, Non Specific
Data Available By USB
Measurements Current AC, Voltage AC, Voltage DC
Manuals None Available Online