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SEM1600VI Smart Current / Voltage Process Signal Isolator / Condtioner

Brand: Status
Product Code: SEM1600VI
SEM1600VI Smart Current / Voltage Process Signal Isolator / Condtioner
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Product Description

The SEM1600VI is a “smart” powered isolator/conditioner that accepts any voltage signal between (-50 and 50) V dc or any current signal between (-50 and 50) mA. The output stage offers either voltage, bipolar voltage or current re-transmission signals.


A transmitter power supply is provided on both input and output meaning the products can accept sink or source applications.Whilst the retransmission signal can be ranged to a scale anywhere within the input process range.


There are a number of free software tools available including maths functions, 22 segment user linearisation / profiling and input signal damping. These enable you to configure the product exactly to your requirements.


A high efficiency switch mode power supply is fitted as standard and does not require any adjustment between ac or dc applications. Operating voltages are (10 to 48) V dc and (10 to 32) V ac


  • (-50 to 50) V or (-50 to 50) mA Input

  • Current, Voltage Or Bipolar Voltage Output

  • Accepts Internal and External Powered Current Loops On Input and Output

  • Powered ( 10 to 32) V AC / (10 to 48) V DC Supply

  • 22 Segment User Linearisation

  • USB Port configuration

Part No: SEM1600VI


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Availability: In stock

Additional Information

Additional Information

Input -50 - 50V, -50 - 50mA
Mounting Type DIN Rail
Typical Applications Energy, Industrial, Non Specific
Data Available By USB
Measurements Current AC, Voltage AC, Voltage DC
Manuals None Available Online