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Legionella Temperature Kit (Basic)

Brand: Tempcon
Product Code: X209
Legionella Temperature Kit (Basic)
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SKU: X209

Product Description

Our Basic Legionella Temperature Kit helps reduce or eliminate the risk of legionnaires disease. Comprising a top of the range thermometer and temperature probes to ensure accurate readings, the 2006TT thermometer and FT101 insertion probe delivers better response times and accuracy than many other thermometers and probes.


The 2006TT employs type T thermocouple technology ensuring complete system readings are accurate to within ±0.5°C


Included in the kit is a Surface Temperature Probe with a 2m retractile lead and an Insertion Temperature Probe.


Legionella bacteria multiply in water temperature between 20-45 ºC. Making incorrect water temperature a key risk factor for legionella growth. A typical method of ensuring adequate control is to store hot water above 60ºC and distribute it at above 50ºC. Cold water should be kept below 20ºC.


This kit is used to monitor the temperature of standing water and also the surface temperature of pipes and tanks that are used to distribute water. The insertion probe should be placed in the water to at least 25mm, the temperature can then be logged. The surface probe should be used to take pipe and tank temperatures, these should also be recorded.


Kit includes:


  • 2006TT Single Input Thermocouple Thermometer

  • FT101 Insertion temperature probe

  • T0684-D Surface temperature probe

  • Calibration Certificate

  • Hard Carry Case

  • Thermometer Protective Jacket

  • Probe wipes

Please note that all kits can be tailored to suit your requirements.


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Availability: In stock

Additional Information

Additional Information

Maximum Temperature +250
Typical Applications Water Quality
Data Available By Display
Measurements Temperature
Manuals None Available Online