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HOBO U20-001-02 Water Level Data Logger (0-30m)

Brand: Onset HOBO
Product Code: U20-001-02
HOBO U20-001-02 Water Level Data Logger (0-30m)
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SKU: U20-001-02

Product Description

The HOBO U20-001-02 Water Level data logger features high accuracy at a great price and ease-of-use, with no cumbersome vent tubes or desiccants to maintain. This data logger is ideal for recording water levels and temperatures in shallow wells, streams, lakes and freshwater wetlands.


  • Lightning protection - no long signal wires, and electronics are shielded in stainless steel housing for use in freshwater (see the Water Level logger sensor location drawing)

  • HOBOware Pro software provides easy conversion to accurate water level reading, fully compensated for barometric pressure, temperature and water density.

  • Multiple-rate sampling allows faster sampling at critical times such as when pumping starts or stops.

  • Available in 4 depth ranges

  • Ideal for use in wells, streams, lakes, wetlands and tidal areas

  • No-vent-tube design for easy reliable deployment

  • Available in stainless and titanium versions

  • Durable ceramic pressure sensor

  • Download to the Waterproof Shuttle or Base Station

IMPORTANT: HOBO U20 data loggers require either the BASE-U-4 or the U-DTW-1 Data Shuttle to offload data and launch loggers.

HOBO loggers require HOBOware software (free download).


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Ex VAT £569.63 Inc VAT £683.56
Additional Information

Additional Information

Country of Manufacture United States
Channel(s) 2
Onset Product Series U20
Typical Applications Environmental (Outdoor), Field Research, Water Quality
Data Available By USB
Measurements Barometric Pressure, Pressure, Temperature, Water Level
Data sheets

Data sheets

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