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Hanwell RL1000 Submersible Temperature Transmitter

Brand: Hanwell
Product Code: RL Submersible
Hanwell RL1000 Submersible Temperature Transmitter

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SKU: RL Submersible

Product Description

The RL1000 submersible temperature transmitter is a radio logger sensor for use in tough environments where there is a requirement for accurate and reliable temperature data without using wiring.

The transmitter itself is encased in a robust acytal cylinder to protect the electronics from damage. The high stability temperature sensor can be supplied either hardwired to the transmitter body, or on a 350 mm silicone cable. The rl1000 can optionally be supplied with a Lemo-socketed remote probe for use in dirty but dry environments. The sensor can cover one of three ranges: -35°C to +60°C, -15°C to +100°C or +10°C to +150°C.

The obvious, inherent advantage of this type of monitoring is zero installation costs with no wiring requirement, disruption or damage to the environment you wish to monitor. In addition, refrigerators, freezers, incubators, water baths or other laboratory equipment can be freely moved about the laboratory without losing data integrity. Simply place the radio logger in the area to be covered and switch on.


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Additional Information

Additional Information

Typical Applications Environmental (Indoor), Temperature
Data Available By Wireless
Measurements Temperature
Manuals None Available Online
Data sheets

Data sheets

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