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Hanwell RL5406 ClimaBox 3 Air Quality Transmitter

Brand: Hanwell
Product Code: HL
Hanwell RL5406 ClimaBox 3 Air Quality Transmitter

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Product Description

In today's energy conscious world everybody is looking for ways to cut down on energy use. An easy way to see a reduction in energy is to control your ventilation by demand, by measuring the amount of CO2 breathed into the air, ventilation systems can be controlled to deliver the exact amount of ventilation required at the right time.

A ClimaBox CO2 and RH/T radio transmitter can be used with a Hanwell system to accurately measure and log air quality data. 

With the ClimaBox there is no need to hard wire through the building as the ClimaBox communicates wirelessly to either a Hanwell control system or directly to the BMS system.

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Additional Information

Additional Information

Typical Applications Building Monitoring, Energy, Environmental (Indoor), HVAC, Thermal Comfort
Data Available By Display, USB, Wireless
Measurements CO2, Humidity, Temperature
Manuals None Available Online
Data sheets

Data sheets

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