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Hanwell RL4108 Temperature & Humidity Transmitter

Brand: Hanwell
Product Code: RL4108
Hanwell RL4108 Temperature & Humidity Transmitter

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SKU: RL4108

Product Description

The Hanwell RL4108 radio transmitter is one of a new range of advanced temperature and humidity radio transmitters. They allow wire-free monitoring of a site, with real time alarm notification and historical analysis of data. Each RL4108 unit reads its onboard sensors to provide accurate and reliable information about environmental conditions. This data is transmitted, at user-defined intervals, to the Radiolog system where it is filed for analysis.

The RL4108 has three sensors as standard: an internal precision temperature probe, a high quality humidity probe and an additional remote surface temperature probe to check the dew point margins. These sensors can be calibrated by the user, or at Hanwell's in-house calibration laboratory.

The ID number and transmission rate are set in the RL4108 using a simple software program (free to download) and a USB cable. Each unit has an LCD screen simultaneously displaying the most recent readings taken and the predicted battery life.

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Additional Information

Additional Information

Channel(s) 1
Typical Applications Environmental (Indoor), Temperature, Thermal Comfort
Data Available By Display, USB, Wireless
Measurements Humidity, Temperature
Manuals None Available Online
Data sheets

Data sheets

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