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H11D Split Core Current Sensor

Brand: Veris Industries
Product Code: H11D
H11D Split Core Current Sensor
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Product Description

The Hawkeye TruStat H11D is a microprocessor based, self-learning, self-calibrating current switch. It is designed for user ease, providing calibration-free status for both under and overcurrent, an LCD display, and slide-switch selectable trip point limits. At initial power-up, the H11D automatically learns the average current on the line with no action required by the installer. Once a current is learned, the switch monitors for changes in current greater than the selected range.




  •      HVAC fans, pumps, and blowers

  •      Monitoring status of industrial process equipment


Automatic calibration...reduced errors and installation costs

  •     Microcontroller based learning technology...automatically learns load upon initial power-up...eliminates labor associated with calibration

  •     Monitors current for both under- and over-load in one package

  •     LCD allows viewing of present, learned and trip currents


Industry Leading Features


  •     Automatic with selectable trip points (2 -200A)

  •     Backlit LCD display...view the monitored current (up to 200A) ... eliminates the need for expensive handheld meters and offers easy visibility in dark enclosures

  •     Reset function can be used when unpowered...reduces the possibility of an undesirable arc flash incident

  •     100% solid moving parts to fail

  •     Removable mounting bracket for installation flexibility, can be installed in three different configurations for added flexibility

  •     Self-gripping iris for easy installation

  •     5-year warranty


2.5-200 AAC @ 60Hz 

3.0-200 AAC @50Hz




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Availability: In stock

Additional Information

Additional Information

Housing Split-Core
Project Type Retrofit Project
Range 3.0-200 AAC (50Hz), 2.5-200 AAC (60Hz)
Typical Application Current Switch, Automatic Calibration, LCD Display, HVAC Motors, Automation Systems
Typical Applications Energy, Environmental (Indoor)
Data Available By Display
Measurements Current AC
Manuals None Available Online