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Envirotxt Temperature & Power Loss Text Alert

Brand: Tekview Solutions
Envirotxt Temperature & Power Loss Text Alert
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Product Description

Receive real-time text alerts for: Power loss/power restored, Temperature, Rapid temperature change (e.g. fire)

Envirotxt is a plug-in sensor that monitors power outages & temperature. It uses a SIM card to send real-time text message alerts over the GSM (mobile) network. Envirotxt is simple to install and very easy to use, just plug it in and send it a text message... it’s as easy as that! Envirotxt will send a text message alert straight to your mobile phone as soon as there is a power cut or when the temperature gets too low/too high.

All the temperature thresholds are user-programmable so you can decide what temperature triggers a text message alert and up to 5 users can receive alerts. Envirotxt is a completely wireless remote sensor, it only requires mains power and a SIM card to operate.  

Envirotxt has an internal temperature sensor and also a 1m external temperature sensor for monitoring more specific areas (both temperature sensors can send alerts).

Key Features

  • Monitors key environmental elements (power & temperature)

  • Instant temperature alerts (user programmable thresholds)

  • Instant power outage alerts (and power restore alerts)

  • All alerts can be sent to one or multiple users

  • Remote temperature collection

  • Plug and play

  • Simple control commands

  • Monitor a single device

  • Monitor multiple devices/locations (using ‘EstateView’)

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Availability: In stock

Additional Information

Additional Information

Measurements Temperature

Temperature and power can be critical for many industries and applications, including: Second Homes/Holiday Homes, Pharmaceuticals & Life Sciences, Hydroponics, Utilities, Healthcare, Marine & Aquatics and Food & Drink Production. Within these industries Envirotxt can be used for power loss of fridges/freezers, monitoring temperature of perishables, looking after the elderly in winter, monitoring the power of any critical equipment, temperature and power monitoring of IT & communications equipment, power loss for marine & aquatics.


Low running costs

As Envirotxt only sends SMS’s (text messages) the running costs are extremely low, most text messages are approximately 12p-14p so £10 of credit would last over a year even if you had a several power outages a month.


SIM/network choice

Envirotxt needs a SIM card to operate, we offer M2M (machine to machine SIMs) and M2M roaming SIMs or you can use off the shelf PAYG (pay as you go SIMs). Envirotxt can only communicate by 2G text message and as it’s a mobile network dependant product we recommend you use the mobile network with the strongest signal where you intend to use Envirotxt.

Any network can be used except digital only networks such as the Three Network

If you choose to use a PAYG SIM please ensure you send a command to Envirotxt every few weeks/once a month (for example a temperature status request) because if the SIM card is not used for several months OFCOM can sometimes force the mobile operator to take the mobile number back if it’s not being used regularly.


No dangerous lithium batteries

Envirotxt don't contain dangerous lithium batteries (it uses ‘capacitance’ to store enough energy to send text alerts when the mains power is lost)


Technical Details

  • Works with all networks except Three (as they are a digital only network) PAYG & M2M/Contract SIMs
  • SIM size – 2FF (the original standard SIM size)
  • Quad band GSM module 850/900/1800/1900MHz (Envirotxt can be used anywhere worldwide)
  • Input 230v – 240v AC
  • Automatic time & date synchronisation
  • Operating temperature -10°C to +50°C
  • Temperature accuracy +/- 2°C
  • CE & RoHS compliant
Contents Mains plug-in sensor, including 1m external temperature sensor.
Dimensions 13.5cm x 8cm x 8cm

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