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DM640P Battery Powered Temperature Indicator

Brand: Status
Product Code: DM640P
DM640P Battery Powered Temperature Indicator
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Product Description

The DM640P is a battery powered indicator that accepts an RTD input. Temperature is displayed on a 4 digit LCD display.


The unit is microprocessor based. The sensor type is selected from a simple to use menu system which is navigated by the use of three push buttons located on the rear of the display. This feature enables the user to easily configure the device in the field without the use of any other equipment. The DM640P is sealed into a cap as pictured above. There are several mounting options including the SCH4 series of enclosures and a stainless steel option, the SCH15

ATEX versions are available for use in hazardous dust and gas areas.


By pressing the three buttons, the user gains access to all configuration parameters including the following:


  • Security passcode protection.

  • Sensor type Pt100 or Ni120 for DM640P .

  • Temperature units; °C or °F.

  • User offset; intended to offset the displayed temperature by a user-configurable amount.

  • Display resolution; 1, 0.1, 0.01 or 0.001 °C.

  • Configuration menu time out adjustment.

  • Low battery alarm.

  • Reset to factory default.

  • Easy on-site re-calibration when required.

  • Pt100 offset/scale adjustment; intended to adjust BS EN 60751 to mimic other standards such as JISC 1604.



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Ex VAT £111.14 Inc VAT £133.37
Additional Information

Additional Information

Maximum Temperature +800
Mounting Type In Head
Typical Applications Environmental (Indoor), Environmental (Outdoor), Food Safety, Industrial, Non Specific
Data Available By Display
Measurements Temperature
Manuals None Available Online
Data sheets

Data sheets

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