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Concrete Temperature Monitoring Kit

Brand: Onset HOBO
Product Code: UX120-014M-Kit-Concrete
Concrete Temperature Monitoring Kit

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SKU: UX120-014M-Kit-Concrete

Product Description

This concrete temperature sensors kit comprises a UX120-014M, Protective enclosure and 4 Type K thermocouples (2 Metres in length each). As such it is perfect for monitoring and logging the temperature of concrete at various depths and locations whilst it cures. The unit contains onboard ambient temperature measurement in addition to the 4 thermocouple channels. The Thermocouples are manufactured by Tempcon in-house and ensure a fast accurate response time.


Using HOBOware, you can easily configure the logger alarm to trip for specific high or low temperatures. Or, you can set up burst logging in which the logger records data at a different interval during certain conditions.


  •  4 thermocouple inputs for type J, K, T, E, R, S, B, or N thermocouple probes (we supply 4 Type K Free of Charge!)

  •  Internal thermistor for ambient temperature & cold junction compensation

  •  22 bit resolution

  •  Logger operating range: -20° to +70°C (the thermocouple probes' working range is dependent on the type and material used)

  •  Memory: 1.9 million measurements

  •  LCD refreshes every 15 seconds

  •  Visual high & low alarm thresholds

  •  User upgradable firmware

  • 4 X 2M Type K Thermocouples

  • Free Software

  • Free USB Cable

  • CASE-4X-2 (NEMA 4X designation, designed to offer a weather-resistant enclosure in a wet, dusty, or condensing environments for short deployments where additional protection is needed)


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Regular Price: £445.00

Special Price Ex VAT £349.00 Inc VAT £418.80

Additional Information

Additional Information

Channel(s) 4
Onset Product Series UX120
Typical Applications Cement Curing
Data Available By Display, USB
Measurements Temperature
Data sheets

Data sheets

File NameLink
D305 HOBO UX120-014M data sheet.pdfDownload