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835-T1 Infrared Thermometer

Brand: Testo
Product Code: 0560 8351
835-T1 Infrared Thermometer
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SKU: 0560 8351

Product Description

The Testo 835-T1 enables you to get started in the field of intelligent infrared measuring technology.


Maximum safety and precision when measuring the temperature of smaller objects from a reasonable distance, e.g. monitoring wall temperature, troubleshooting in heating and air conditioning systems, or the quality control of industrially manufactured products.


Take advantage of the benefits the testo 835 series has to offer, in virtually all sectors of trade and industry: e.g. monitoring wall temperature and humidity, inspecting air conditioning and ventilation systems, the maintenance of industrial systems or the quality control of industrially manufactured products.


Testo infrared measuring technology, which delivers first class results even at long distance, is particularly helpful when monitoring the temperature of objects that are small, moving, difficult to access or extremely hot. The many features increase the room for manoeuvre, for example in the building trade when carrying out surface moisture measurement via infrared, or in the metal, glass and ceramics industry when measuring temperatures up to 1500 °C. So you can be certain of having everything under control and of safeguarding your standards of quality at all times.



  • Measure safely and accurately even at high temperatures

  • 4-point laser shows the exact measuring range, preventing incorrect measurements

  • Safe measurements from a long distance, thanks to 50:1 optics

  • Integrated emissivity measurement for absolute measuring reliability

  • Patented surface moisture measurement (testo 835-H1)

  • Convenient menu guidance with icons and joystick

  • Measuring value and location memory, and data analysis on the PC


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Availability: In stock

Additional Information

Additional Information

Country of Manufacture United Kingdom
Maximum Temperature +1500
Typical Applications Building Performance, Environmental (Indoor), HVAC, Industrial
Data Available By Display, USB
Measurements Temperature
Manuals None Available Online
Data sheets

Data sheets

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