hvac system monitoring

A well monitored HVAC system can make a building energy-efficient whilst providing its users with thermal comfort

HVAC systems can get very complex when we talk about large scale structures such as office buildings, airports, or hospitals. These can often be made up of a variety of subsystems to make managing and controlling an easier task.

Prior to construction, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning needs must be assessed in regards to the purpose of the building. In a lot of cases, a solution will already be available for installation. In others, a bespoke system must be designed.

Once the structure is in use, it is important to monitor its functioning to ensure the safety and comfort of those within it. Tempcon offers a comprehensive range of equipment designed for this specific purpose. From air flow, moisture, temperature and humidity monitors, to handheld devices used to inspect for gas leaks, and thermal activity among others, we have a solution fit for your requirements. Programmable controllers are also available to further manage these systems effectively.Engineer

Closely related to this subject, equipment for managing and measuring energy consumption is also available. These devices are extremely useful to examine usage patterns and include a metering system if required. Energy efficient buildings are without a doubt the way forward, and measuring occupancy and usage patterns contribute to environmental initiatives as well as lowering running costs. This information can be gathered with the use of discrete devices such as occupancy/light data loggers. These can be fitted with light pipes designed to eliminate the effects of natural light whilst measuring light usage.

In many buildings such as hospitals and nursing homes it is essential to measure for Legionella growing conditions. Commonly found in water holding temperatures between 20 to 45 degrees celsius, this bacteria is particularly fatal for the immunocompromised and the elderly. We can supply you with Legionella temperature kits to help you minimise the risk of Legionnaire’s disease. Should you purchase one of these kits from us, we can offer you a yearly calibration programme to help you maintain consistently accurate readings.

HVAC BMS system sensors

A well monitored HVAC system can make a building energy efficient whilst providing its users with thermal comfort. This is not an exact measurement since there are a great number of factors to take into account, but acceptable conditions can be achieved. There are six main factors that should be considered to create this effect. Environmental factors consist of adequate humidity levels, air temperature, air velocity, and radiant temperature conditions, all of which can be measured and controlled. Personal factors include metabolic heat (heat generated by living organisms) and clothing insulation.

BMS Systems

In most large buildings, a BMS (Building Management System) is the ‘brains’ of the operation. A building manager relies heavily on this system to ensure everything is running smoothly. As new technologies emerge, this opens opportunities for a more efficient and effective management.


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