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Looking to measure: water temperature, level, salinity or dissolved oxygen levels?

EnviroMonitors is the professional-grade environmental instruments division of Tempcon Instrumentation Ltd. Our markets include research, commerce, agriculture & horticulture, sport and leisure and the public sector. Our clients include over 120 UK universities, the Environment Agency (UK) and Moors for the Future.

We offer a wide range of instruments to monitor and measure water quality and the factors that can impact on water quality. We’ve provided systems and solutions to clients including: pumping stations, factories, industrial plants, food processing plants, farming, in fact any facility whose activity requires responsible water management. By browsing our site, you will be able to find a wide range of probes, sensors, and datalogging devices to measure various factors such as temperature, flow, levels and usage.

Whether you’re looking to measure the levels of Dissolved Oxygen in a body of water or need to better allocate irrigation resources we will be able to provide you with the necessary technology.

Professional quality water level loggers start from £342.60 ex VAT. Water/air temperature loggers start from £35.54 ex VAT.

“Communications protocols, setup and maintenance of hydrological telemetry systems are normally complex, time consuming and expensive. HOBO RX3000-based telemetry systems for hydrology, by contrast, are very easy to set-up and maintain, while being very cost-effective. The UK distributor Tempcon Instrumentation Ltd provide a very efficient and friendly delivery of ‘turn-key’ systems based on the RX3000 as well as the critical technical support for bespoke applications.” Dr Nick A Chappell – Lancaster University

Below are some of the water measurements that we supply monitoring solutions for:

Water Level Monitoring
Water resource managers, engineers, and hydrologists need to monitor groundwater and surface water levels with water level data loggers to document baseline and changing water levels over time. Water level data helps researchers determine a variety of factors, such as how much water wetlands retain, rising water rates, and whether runoff volume reduction efforts are effective.

With the Onset HOBO Bluetooth (BLE) MX2001 Water Level Logger, users can simply offload the logger data to a mobile device or computer and can easily create detailed graphs or data files.

Water Temperature Monitoring
Water temperature data is often used to help researchers determine if wetlands are adequately levelling water temperatures before entering waterways.

Water Conductivity Monitoring
Logging conductivity can help identify the causes of water quality changes. Although conductivity does not tell you directly what contaminants are present, it is possible to look at the timing of conductivity changes verses other events to determine what caused the contamination. For example, if the conductivity changed after a rainfall event, it may be runoff from a nearby road that is causing problems.

Dissolved Oxygen Monitoring
Dissolved oxygen (DO) is an important indicator of water quality in a wetland, with higher DO levels indicative of an environment that can support a variety of plant and animal life, and lower levels pointing to a stressed habitat.

Find more about water monitoring for Aquaculture.

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