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  • Application
    • Food Safety
    • Environmental (Indoor)
    • Product Safety
    • Industrial
    • Environmental (Outdoor)
    • Water Quality
    • Non Specific
    • HVAC
    • Building Performance
    • Calibration
  • Measurement
    • Temperature
    • Thermocouple
    • Humidity
  • Maximum Temperature
    • +1500°C
    • +380°C
    • +250°C
    • +200°C
    • +275°C
    • +150°C
    • +300°C
    • +500°C
    • +650°C
    • +545°C
    • +600°C
    • +1100°C
    • +800°C
    • +120°C
    • +260°C
    • +110°C
    • +400°C
    • +100°C
    • +280°C
    • +1350°C
  • Mounting Type
    • In Head
  • Maximum Temperature Probe
    • 350°C
  • Accessory Type
    • Cable
  • Data Available By
    • Display
    • USB
    • Memory Card
  • Sensor(s)
    • Internal
    • External
  • Compatible With
    • 2046T
    • 2046T7
    • FM35
    • 2006T
    • 2106T7
    • 2108T7
    • X107
  • Manufacturer
    • Tempcon
    • Rotronic
    • Status
    • Digitron
    • Fluke
    • Testo
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Digital Thermometers

Digital Thermometers

Digital Thermometers require little explanation.

Tempcon have over 30 year's experience supplying Digital Thermometers to all industries and in particularly the food industry including thousands of food supermarkets across the Country.

We manufacture a wide range of temperature probes and provide service and calibration in-house for systems using digital thermometers, enabling us to easily accommodate the needs of small restaurants and supermarket giants.

Most digital thermometers are hand-held, accurate, and fast responding. Our Digital Thermometers are available for use with most types of thermocouple sensors, Rtd's and thermistor elements. Choose Digital Thermometers from as little as £16.50

Infrared Thermometers can be considered non contact digital thermometers as they offer easy temperature measurement and display results digitally.

Infrared Thermometers are best suited to scanning areas such as cold stores, engineering applications, pharmaceutical stores, and agricultural sites rather than attempting accurate core temperatures (Best done using needle probes and digital thermometers).

Contact us and we will advise on which of our digital thermometers is most appropriate.


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The pocket sized IR-Pebble Infrared Gun makes taking surface temperatures affordable and portable..
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  Our Premium Legionella Temperature Kit helps reduce or eliminate the risk of legionnai..
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The core of our Premium Sous Vide Kit is the TM-22 Differential Digital Thermometer combined with..
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  The 8146T Digital Thermometer has been developed to meet the demanding needs of HACCP ..
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Our Basic Legionella Temperature Kit helps reduce or eliminate the risk of legionnaires disease. ..
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ThermaCheck 2 is a simple, reliable temperature recording system for ensuring HACCP compliance wi..
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The DM640P is a battery powered indicator that accepts an RTD input. Temperature is displayed on ..
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Budget priced HACCP thermometer with screw type Lumberg connector and interchangeable probes. ..
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The TP22 is the ideal instrument for temperature measurements. With the interchangeable Pt100 pro..
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2 AA Cadmium free batteries suitable for use in our 2006T Digital 'Food' Thermometer. The ima..
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  Model 2046T Sensor Type ..
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  The DM640TC is a battery powered indicator that accepts a Thermocouple. Temperature is..
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The Testo 835-T1 enables you to get started in the field of intelligent infrared measuring techno..
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The Fluke FP FoodPro Infrared Thermometer has been designed specifically for HACCP compliance in ..
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  Infrared Non-Contact Thermometer with laser targeting. When you need a fast, easy, saf..
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FOOD - 2000T Series hand-held Digital Thermometers are designed specifically to meet the high acc..
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