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Chart Recorders

Chart Recorders

The Eurotherm 6000 Series Paperless Graphic Chart Recorder offers unrivalled input accuracy with 125ms sample rates for up to 48 input channels. Input channels are freely configurable.

Touch-Screen displays enable operators to clearly view process data. 

An easy to use HMI incorporates a pop-up QWERTY‚keyboard to facilitate easy data entry.

All models of Chart Recorder have Ethernet communications and on-board Compact Flash or SD Card memory. Data is stored in a tamper resistant format for secure, long term recording of processes.

6000 Series Chart Recorders can be accessed via a Local Area Network, dial-up connection, Intranet or Internet.

The NEW nanodac Chart Recorder / Controller with PID offers the ultimate in graphical recording. The DIN panel mount unit with full colour VGA display offers 4 high accuracy universal inputs for data recording and PID control.

An additional 14 virtual channels can be utilised to provide maths, counter, slave communications and totaliser functionality within the chart recorder.

Well proven, and renowned world-wide, battery operated Dickson Chart Recorders are low cost and available with 3", 4", 6" and 8" circular charts, alarms, and internal or external probes providing a real alternative to more expensive chart recorders. The NEW FT500 'paperless' Touchscreen Chart Recorder is easy to use and has all the normal chart recorder features.

Applications for The Eurotherm 6000 Series Chart Recorder, Nanodac Chart Recorder, and Dickson Chart Recorders include:

Boiler Efficiency Monitoring, Building Mould Monitoring, Chiller Efficiency, Frost Alarm & Irrigation Management, Power (kWh) monitoring, Domestic energy monitoring, Commercial energy monitoring, IAQ Monitoring (Indoor Air Quality), Motor Runtime Monitoring, PV System Monitoring (Photovoltaic Panels), Rooftop HVAC Monitoring , Soil Monitoring, Solar Hot Water Monitoring, Stream Temperature Monitoring, Water Level Monitoring, Wind Monitoring,Coastal Oceanographic research, Environmental Monitoring,Green Building Monitoring, Renewable energy Research, Hydrology/Groundwater monitoring, Agricultural Research,Crop/Landscape management, Food Storage, Remote Wetland Research, Peak Energy Demand Monitoring, Heating and Cooling Systems, Geothermal Heat Exchange Systems, Building Energy Audits, Freezer Temperature, Refrigerator / Fridge temperature

Chart Recorders offer a simple solution and simplicity is often the best solution!