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Calibration Equipment

Calibration Equipment

Dear Compliance Officer or Calibration Specialist, you may be surprised at how cost effective it can be to carry out your own 'in-house' calibration.

Jofra Dry Block Calibrators offer you portable, accurate, calibration equipment enabling you to easily calibrate your own instrumentation and probes on-site. Leasing options are available that mean you may be able to start saving from day one by carrying out your own temperature calibrations.

Request a quote or speak to one of our specialists about your requirements now.

Of course, if you'd prefer to have your calibration done by a reputable independent third party, we are very happy to help. We calibrate equipment for some of the countries leading research establishments and food technologists. We can also calibrate your temperature equipment before we ship to you, or as part of an annual calibration program.

Our Quality System is registered to BS EN 9001:2008, and our in house calibration equipment traceable to UKAS.

Dry Block calibrators are easy to use, and are available in several temperature ranges, with UKAS certificates.

Contact us directly on: +44 (0) 1243 558270  to discuss which of our calibration equipment is most suitable.


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A powerful, rugged, hand-held multifunction process calibrator designed for testing, calibrating,..
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Calibration Certificate (For DS1M Calibrator) 5 point calibration at the instrument's preset ..
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UKAS Calibration Certificate (For DS1M Calibrator) ..
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It's up to you if you would like to have us carry out calibration on your behalf or alternatively..

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Full UKAS Calibration Certificate for the X107 Infrared Calibration Checker. Don't forget to..
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