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BoxCar Pro 4.3 Software BoxCar Pro

Brand: Onset HOBO
Product Code: BCP4.3-ON
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Excellent Windows based BoxCar Pro BCP4.3-DL software for most 8-bit Hobo Dataloggers.

  • Launch - Readout - Analyse
  • Set sampling intervals.
  • Set start time and memory modes.
  • Verify logger setup & battery status.
  • Synchronise clocks.
  • Compare multiple parameters on one graph or successive deployments.
  • Set axis ranges.
  • Overlay data from different deployments.
  • Zoom on data of interest.
  • Add limit lines to graphs.
  • Create files, legends and new axis.
  • Export, or print graphs and data.
  • Extract key information from logged data.
  • Log run and off time, percentage, or number of on/off states with State loggers.
  • Log rainfall per interval with Event loggers.

The earlier, basic, launch/download software (BCP3.7-DL) with limited functions is still available and supports most Hobo and StowAway loggers with the exception of the U-series Loggers, Hobo Weather and Micro Stations, LCD logger, and Water Temp Pro loggers.

BoxCar software is supplied with logger to PC cable.

U-series Loggers and Weather Stations require HOBOware software

Software products are not returnable or refundable.

Part No:
BoxCar Pro Software BCP4.3-ON

U-series Loggers and Weather Stations require HOBOware software

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